#thewifehunt begins.

I am starting this blog as a way of venting I think.

Some of you may feel that #thewifehunt is synonymous with #firstworldproblems.
To clarify: Despite my increasingly acute bouts of FOMO, I am not documenting this journey because I think I am in a uniquely desperate situation. In fact, it’s the opposite. I am in a pretty common situation.
So why talk about it?

Firstly, because my constant stream of mishaps, awkward moments, and failures entertains my friends and colleagues so much it seemed only charitable to spread the joy (see The Husband and The Puncher).

Secondly, because sometimes it isn’t funny. I’m human. There is soul searching and sadness. Every such low point is worth documenting because dating teaches you about yourself if you are willing to learn.

Thirdly, because I think lots of people are in the same boat as me, but the tone of most articles related to being “single and searching” are pretty negative. They make me feel like I must be either socially inept, undesirable, or incapable of “finding happiness by yourself”. I am none of the above. So I am offering a different narrative.

I am a 28 year old woman. I live in a buzzing and interesting city. I have genuine, nourishing, and positive friends. I have enough money to be comfortable (if I am sensible). I have a bustling social life. I have my health. I am making my passion my profession. I am emotionally intelligent. I am as committed to my mental health as my physical health – so diet and exercise are just as important to me as my weekly therapy sessions. I am attractive. I am strong because I have weathered a lot of storms. I accept my vulnerabilities and triggers. I am thoughtful about other people’s as a result. I find joy in lots of simple things. I accept that I get hangry easily.

All in all, I am grateful and happy with my life (#selffive). I just really want someone to share it with. Despite all my fantastic friends, I increasingly find myself feeling lonely. There is a certain intimacy and dynamic you only have with a partner. To me, it’s just about a natural urge to have a companion. Your special person. The other member of your team.

So, I am hurling myself out there with a mission. I am on the hunt for a wife.

I will pimp myself out on every app/site/billboard I can access. I will start going to more gay nights – even though Short, Gangsta-Wannabe, Butch Lesbians are the only people to ever hit on me.

I am going to be open minded and open hearted. I am going to take risks. I am going to get hurt, as well as have an amazing time.

I will document what happens on here until the hunt ends.

Wish me luck.

Hunt Happenings: 25 February 2017

I have now been in a relationship with The Friend for a year.

I all but disappeared on here. Sorry about that – it’s been a pretty full on time, largely because of work, but also because things haven’t been rosy and easy with The Friend. The upcoming posts I have written are about relationships, the work that goes into them, and unhealthy patterns and habits. I’ve spent the last year learning some of those lessons. I couldn’t write about it while I was still figuring it out, I guess.

I hope the coming observations are as interesting as that time I went on a date with a wannabe-1950s-husband. I will crack out some more dating mishap stories too; unsurprisingly there are a good number that aren’t on here.

To get up to speed, these posts take you from the beginning to the point where The Friend and I became a “thing”, a year ago.

How I first met ‘The Friend’

Friendship with The Friend

How ‘The Friend’ and I hooked up

The Wife Hunt post that I wrote after we hooked up


Much love in a climate that needs more love,

The Wife Hunter